St. George Orthodox Cathedral Abu Dhabi

Message of The Month


The feast of cross is celebrated on 14th of Sepember every year.It is the day on which the hidden cross of Jesus was found. when Jesus  resurrected  Jews  came to know the power of Jesus on they hid the cross of Jesus and the two thieves to conceal the power of Jesus from people. In A.D.320 Queen Helen, mother of emperor Constantine , wanted to find out the cross of Jesus.She went to Jerusalem to find out the cross.A man named Judas ( Not - Judas who betrayed Jesus,it was a commen name among Jews and the meaning of that name is Praise of the Lord) showed the place where the crosses were hidden.They found three crosses.They did not know which was the cross of Jesus. Then they happened to see a dead body which was being taken to a burial ground.Then they put the crosses one by one on the dead body.  when the Cross of Jesus was put on the dead body the dead man got life again .So they confirmed that was the cross of Jesus. So September 14 th is celebrated as a feast to commemorate cross. When we see cross we see Jesus Himself  through that.
So attend Holy Qurbana and be blessed
Fr.M.C.Mathai Maracheril