Message Of The Month

“The Light of ‘Love’ has come to earth. It’s time for us to pause to see this Light and feel its warmth and celebrate its cause”

I wish a Blessed Christmas and Peaceful New Year 2024 to all my dear parishioners. May the Love, Joy and Peace of Jesus be in your hearts and your homes. As we celebrate Christmas, let us show the Lords mercy to all our dear and near ones and make Christmas really a joyful occasion.

It is good for us to spend some time reflecting on the reason for the season – Jesus Christ, the Lord. It is important that we welcome Him to our homes and to our celebrations, remembering that we celebrate Christmas not as a secular holiday, but as a proclamation of our faith that God so loved the world. He sent His Only Son…and that the word became flesh of Virgin Mary and dwells among us.

In a world that wants to make Christmas only about presents, and food and Santa Claus, we as Christians, are not ashamed to profess our Faith: we are proud to be faithful servants of God and we want all to rejoice with us, as we celebrate His birth.

As we ready ourselves for the celebration of Jesus birth, decorating the house with stars, lights, Christmas tree, and all the other many things that go into making this such a special family time of the year with our own cultural traditions. At the same time, it is good for us to focus on how do we prepare ourselves to celebrate the birth of our savior? Are we giving importance on celebrations merely? Do our hearts and mind ready to receive Jesus?

As 1Cor. 3:16 reminds us, “You are the temple of God”, so in this Christmas season, when we are getting to receive IMMANUEL, rather than decorating our homes let us try to decorate ourselves as the temple of God, with the fruits of Holy Spirit, to make it as most beautiful dwelling place of God. Then the stars that we hang in our homes will proclaim that Christ the savior is born here.

In closing, my only prayer today, that you, your family and homes be filled with the Blessings of Peace, Joy and Love. At the same time, I thank you all sincerely for your thoughtful prayers... May all my dear parishioners be over shadowed with the mighty and powerful blessings of the  Jesus Christ. . . .

Glory to God in the highest and on earth, peace to people of goodwill.  (St. Luke: 2:14)


Fr.Eldho M Paul